Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Doha for an Authentic Dining Experience in 2024

Thinking about an exceptionally delicious taste experience…..the very first option that pops up your mind is seafood. As a seafood lover, it’s your time to experience the magic of meals served in the best seafood restaurants in Doha.

Doha is popular for its distinctive restaurants. The restaurants in Doha offer an astounding service. The best places to experience a marvelous banquet. So If you want to satisfy your culinary cravings, Doha is the best option.

Seafood is a very common type of food found on the menu at many restaurants, whether as an appetizer, main course, or side dish. You will find some of the best seafood restaurants in Doha that serve fresh and authentic seafood. 

The lip-smacking taste of grilled fish, steak, crab, and fish curry cooked with an exotic blend of spices, herbs, and ingredients enhances the dining experience.

Here, is the List of 5 best Seafood Restaurants in Doha

1. Ocean Basket

Ocean Basket

Ocean basket is a well-known sea food restaurant in Qatar. It provides an opportunity to choose between selections of dishes which contain awesome tempting food…

The menu features Calamari, Shushi platter, Fresh oysters, Family platter prawns, Grilled fish, and much more.  Additionally, it provides a wide range of seafood fry recipes as well as oriental dishes and pastries.

The mouth-watering platter piled up with shrimp is served with a tangy sauce. The taste of this special platter makes you feel a unique experience. 

The traditional style of cooking and the awesome presentation makes it stand on the top of the list. Seafood creates an unforgettable dining experience with a range of international & Lebanese specialties.

The location and interior design are classic. It gives you a comfortable home-like environment. The quality food is served to ensure 100% hygiene.   

So if you are looking for different taste treats ocean basket will definitely fulfill your desire. 

  • Cuisine: Seafood, Mediterranean, sushi 
  • Best Item(s): Calamari, Shushi platter, Fresh Oyster, Family platter prawns, Grilled fish fillet, Fish grilled asparagus
  • Pricing: QAR 200 for two people(approx.)
  • Rating: 4.4 (google review)
  • Timing: Monday-Thursday: 11 Am- 11 Pm, Friday:11 Am- 12 Am, Saturday: 11 Am- 5 Pm, Sunday: closed
  • Contact: +974 4490 2944
  • Address: Mall of Qatar, East Gate 3, Ground Floor, Al Rayyan Qatar 
  • Location: Click here for the Location

2. L’wzaar Sea Food Restaurant (Best Grilled salmon in Doha)

L'wzaar Seafood

The  L’wzaar Sea Food Restaurant is an ideal place to enjoy a wide range of seafood, fish, and other fresh-caught dishes with the best view of the area. 

All kinds of seafood selections are available including shrimps, crabs and lobsters, Grilled salmon, Tabouleh, and Salmon fillet that will please your taste buds and satisfy the craving.

It is famous for its freshly baked bread and appetizing buffets; the restaurant has just undergone extensive remodeling to enhance your dining experience.

This restaurant has a good reputation for serving fresh seafood as per the demand of customers. The friendly environment accompanied by top-notch service and super delicious meal…… all you have just under one roof.

So without any delay just haunt the restaurant and enjoy your day.

  • Cuisine: Continental, Seafood, sushi
  • Best Item(s): Mixed seafood, fresh local fish, Soft shell crab, Fried calamari, Grilled salmon, Tabouleh, Salmon fillet, and Grilled Hamra fish seabass.
  • Pricing: QAR 300 for two people (approx.)
  • Rating: 4.6 (google review)
  • Timing: Monday-Sunday: 12-11 Pm
  • Contact: +974 4408 0710
  • Address: Katara Culture Village Bldg.27
  • Location: Click here for the Location

3. Danat Al Bahar BBQ Fish

best seafood doha

Danat Al Bahar BBQ Fish is considered to be one of the top restaurants that provide the best seafood in Doha. Their specialties are Fish Barbecue, Fried Calamari, King Fish Mandi, Sea Food Mandi, and Grilled Fish Sea Bass. 

They also serve fresh fish, homemade seafood and meat dishes, international cuisine, all kinds of juices, ice cream, and healthy breakfasts. 

Additionally, it is famous for providing the best seafood buffet in Doha. The whole buffet represents the culinary taste. The exotic taste and freshness will definitely force you to come back.

Their aim is to provide you with a unique dining experience served in an environment where you really feel at home. A very cozy place to satisfy your taste buds with different seafood and tasty dishes accompanied by great Indian vegetarian cuisine.

  • Cuisine: Seafood
  • Best Item(s): Fresh Fish, BBQ, Fish Barbecue, Fried Calamari, King Fish Mandi, Sea Food Mandi, Grilled Fish Sea Bass, Arabic Rice, Grilled Fish Sea Bream, Amore Fish BBQ
  • Pricing: QAR 120 for two people(approx.)
  • Rating: 4.4(google review)
  • Timing: Mon-Sun: 5 Pm-1 Am
  • Contact: +974 7770 7085
  • Address: Wakra Fish Market, Al Wakrah
  • Location: Click here for the Location

4. Harbor seafood

best seafood restaurant qatar

If you are fond of seafood, Harbor seafood will be the best choice for you. This restaurant attracts customers from different countries. The best thing about this place is that it features not only fish but also seafood from all over the world.

The menu includes Sayadieh Rice, Roasted Shrimp, Harbour Sea mix Fried rice. The delicious taste of shrimp dipped in the special sauce is really awesome. 

The flavorsome sayadieh rice with its unique texture attracts food lovers. Its specialty is Harbour Ocean Mix Grill which is cooked with a unique technique and perfect blend of spices. They use unique condiments that enhance the taste to the highest level.

The restaurant depicts the tradition and culture of the country. It offers an amazing range of seafood dishes for entertaining family members at birthday parties, anniversaries, birthdays, and other cultural events. 

  • Cuisine: Seafood
  • Best Item(s): Harbour Ocean Mix Grill, Sayadieh Rice, Roasted Shrimp, Harbour Sea mix Fried rice.
  • Pricing: QAR 185 for two people(approx.)
  • Rating: 4 (google review)
  • Timing: Mon-Sun: 11 Am-11 Pm
  • Contact: +974 4435 0662
  • Address: Al Khalil Complex, Ibn Mahmoud Street, Doha
  • Location: Click here for the location

5. Green Rabwah Sea Food Restaurant

best seafood restaurants in doha

Green Rabwah Sea Food Restaurant in Doha serves up a wide range of seafood meals that will make everyone smile. They offer all kinds of seafood with fresh products which is sure to keep you coming back for more.

Each dish is made with fresh ingredients to deliver the best flavor to your taste buds. Enjoy our signature fish, lobster, and crawfish, as well as a variety of amazing appetizers and desserts. Treat yourself to something extraordinary.’

In addition to the freshness of a quality range of oriental food, it also maintains a distinctive taste of sautéed shrimps and squid which is served with fresh lemon.

It is also one of the best Indian sea food restaurants in Doha.  They use Indian spices and herbs that greatly enhance the flavor. The whole menu is cooked and served with brilliance.

They have an exceptional atmosphere and excellent service that attracts customers from all over the world. The staff is very friendly and trained to handle any kind of customer demand. Hence a perfect choice to enjoy a happy meal within your budget. 

  • Cuisine: Seafood
  • Best Item(s): Fresh fish, Grilled Sea Bass, Lobster, Grilled shrimp Ghazzah salad, Sultan Ibrahim fish fried, Egyptian rice, Fried Hamour, Pasta.
  • Pricing: QAR 100 for two people (approx.)
  • Rating: 4.3 (google review)
  • Timing: Saturday-Thursday: 11 Am- 10 Pm, Friday:11 Am- 8:30 Pm
  • Contact: +974 3382 3336
  • Address: Al Adhwaa St, Doha
  • Location: Click here for the Location

Seafood is one of the main food items consumed by people in Qatar. It is prepared in many different tasty variations and served in various ways.

In this article, we have discussed the best seafood restaurants in Qatar. So you can satisfy your craving with the desired seafood.

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