Top 7 International Schools in Doha for a Bright Future for Your Child in 2024

We all want the best for our children including a well-balanced and rich education. The variety of international school in Doha offers some of the world’s best curriculums and standards of teaching.

In Qatar, we have lots of options when it comes to choosing a suitable education for our children.

In a country as diverse as Qatar, it should come as no surprise to learn that education is also diverse.

There are over 300 schools in Qatar offering students an opportunity to study under a traditional Arabic curriculum, the International Baccalaureate (IB), British, American, or Indian.

This guide is going to give you an overview of some of the best school in Doha, the curriculum they offer, their rating, and their annual fee.

Here is the List of 7 Best School in Doha

1. Nord Anglia International School –Al Khor

school in doha qatar

If you are looking for a school in Doha with a British curriculum Nord Anglia International School –Al Khor must be your priority. It was founded in 2012 and is part of the Nord Anglia Education network, established over 50 years ago.

The first school in the network opened in London and has since grown to more than 40 schools across five continents.

Due to the excellent standards of education and the range of facilities provided at Nord Anglia International School– Al Khor, it was awarded the “Outstanding” rating by the Qatar Foundation (KF-QF) and is also an OIC (Other Independent Schools)

OIC is a new concept recently introduced in Qatar under their internationally recognized school recognition system. They are a leading international education provider for children aged 8-14 years.

  • Founded in – 2012
  • Curriculum – British
  • Leadership – Liz Lamb (Principal)
  • Gender – Mixed (Co-Educational)
  • Average Fees – QAR 31,400- QAR 47,750
  • Number of Staff – 51-200
  • Rating – 5 (Edarabia)
  • Timing – 7:00 AM–2:00 PM and closed on Saturday and Friday
  • Contact –  +974 4032 9000
  • Address – Taimiyah Street Building 5 Zone 74-Al Khor, Doha
  • Location – Click here to view on map

2. American School of Doha

american school Doha

To meet the growing demand for international education in Qatar, the American School in Doha was founded in 1988 to provide a US-based curriculum and high-quality education in an English language environment.

American School of Doha thrives to help each student achieve his/her individual potential through innovative academic programs, comprehensive co-curricular activities, and excellent facilities to support active and responsible citizenry at home, community, and abroad.

  • Founded in – 1988
  • Curriculum – American
  • Leadership – Thomas L.Hawkins, Ed.D. (Campus Director)
  • Gender – Mixed (Co-Educational)
  • Average Fees – QR 34,500 –QR 74,816
  • Number of Staff – 375
  • Rating –5 (Edarabia)
  • Timing – 7:30 AM–4:00 PM and closed on Saturday and Sunday
  • Contact – +974 4459 1500
  • Address – Al Bustan Street/ E Ring Road Al Waab، Doha, Qatar
  • Location – Click here to view on map

3. Hamilton International School

international school in doha

Hamilton international school is part of the international school partnership a UK-based organization that owns 50 schools.

This institute specializes in the provision of further education to children who are of foreign origin or have parents who are foreign nationals, making it one of the best international school in Doha.

It has several high-quality units across the UK including a language school and an international secondary. The purpose of the international school partnership is to own and operate affordable education institutions.

  • Founded in – 2019
  • Curriculum – IB
  • Leadership – Terry Senior (Principal)
  • Gender – Mixed (Co-Educational)
  • Average Fees – QAR 46,750- QAR 59,500
  • Number of Staff – 134
  • Rating –5 (Edarabia)
  • Timing – 7:30 AM–1:45 PM (Sunday to Thursday)
  • Contact – +974 3329 6569 , +974 4492 4343
  • Address – Building 117, Street 1117, Zone 56, Mesaimeer Area (Near the Religious Complex) Doha, Qatar
  • Location – Click here to view on map

4. Arab International Academy

british school in doha

Arab international academy is an independent school, a non-profit, non-government educational institution. The school is intercultural and multicultural, which fosters leadership and global citizenship in pupils.

Arab International Academy (AIA) is the only school in Doha Qatar which offers an international education curriculum inspired by the established world’s ancient history, present-day values, and upcoming trends.

AIA started its journey from the KG-IB program, which finished in 2015, and obtained authorization for the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program.

  • Founded in – 2016
  • Curriculum – IB
  • Leadership –Mahmoud Amra (Mr. Superintendent)
  • Gender – Mixed (Co-Educational)
  • Average Fees – QAR 34,500 – QAR 45,500
  • Number of Staff – 120
  • Rating –5 (Edarabia)
  • Timing – 7:00 AM–3:00 PM and closed on Friday and Saturday
  • Contact – +974 4041 4999
  • Address – Al Ghadeeriyat St, Doha, Qatar
  • Location – Click here to view on map

5. Compass International School Doha

Compass International School in Doha

Compass international school Doha is part of the Nord Anglia Education family of 73 excellent international schools worldwide, creating a first-class educational experience for students aged 3-19. They are fully dedicated to building communities for future global citizens.

At Compass, students experience a distinctive learning environment that challenges them to question, investigate and explore, and allows them to gain confidence, independence and creativity, and resilience to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

This institute provides a challenging curriculum tailored to each individual student’s needs, with both male and female teachers actively involved in providing an all-around, complete education. It is unfair to not say it is one of the best British school in Doha.

  • Founded in – 2006
  • Curriculum – British
  • Leadership –Paul Holyome Mr. Executive Principal)
  • Gender – Mixed (Co-Educational)
  • Average Fees – QAR 62,117–QAR 68,342
  • Number of Staff – 260
  • Rating –5 (Edarabia)
  • Timing – Sunday to Thursday: 7:30 AM–1:20 PM
  • Contact – +974 4034 9888
  • Address – 856 Wadi Al Ghusn, Street; Building 14, Doha, Qatar
  • Location –Click here to view on map

6. GEMS American Academy Qatar

GEMS American Academy

GEMS American Academy Qatar is a private, non-profit school that does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, or national origin.

Its mission is to produce well-educated students across all segments of society who are confident in themselves and their abilities to become leaders in today’s world.

GEMS American Academy Qatar is the part of GEMS Education family a network of international schools that has 44 schools in UAE and Qatar. The school was established in 2004 and was the first international school in Doha, Qatar.

  • Founded in – 2004
  • Curriculum – American
  • Leadership – Mark David Lentz (Head)
  • Gender – Mixed (Co-Educational)
  • Average Fees – QAR 35,150- QAR 59,650
  • Number of Staff – 125
  • Rating – 4(Edarabia)
  • Timing – 7:45 AM–2:45 PM, closed on Saturday and Friday
  • Contact –  +974 4032 9000
  • Address – Mian Street، Al Wukair، Al Wakrah, Qatar
  • Location – Click here to view on map

7. Michael E. DeBakey High School

Michael E. DeBakey High School

This American school in Doha has a proud history of graduating high-caliber students who love being nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Over the years, their graduates have been practicing in nursing homes, clinics, medical offices, hospitals, and so on.

Michael E. DeBakey high school for health Professionals was established in 2008, the school was founded on the idea that each child is unique, with his or her own unique sense of individual purpose, style of learning, and strong points.

The faculty of our school is a great mix of experienced professionals with strong educational skills who can teach complex theories simply to young motivated students.

This institute will help your child want to become the best nurse or other medical personnel out thereby providing the quality education we are known for.

  • Founded in – 2008
  • Curriculum – American
  • Leadership – Dr. Virginia Parras ( CEO)
  • Gender – Mixed (Co-Educational)
  • Average Fees – QR 49,100 – QR 68, 000
  • Number of Staff – 67
  • Rating –3 (Edarabia)
  • Timing – Sunday –Wednesday: 7:15 AM – 2:15 PM, Thursday: 7:15 AM- 1:20 PM
  • Contact – +974 4499 9851
  • Address –Raodh Alain Street, Al Messila South Doha, Qatar
  • Location – Click here to view on map

In the end, choosing a school for your child is a very personal decision. For some parents, this means going by what’s nearby and practical; for others, it might mean searching for the best private school in Doha.

We encourage parents to research their options so they make the choice that’s right for them and their children. It might take some time, but with these schools as a great starting point, you’re sure to find a great match.

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