Top 9 Affordable Dental Clinics in Doha for Quality Treatment in 2024

Dentistry is essential for both the health of your smile and your general health. Tooth decay or gum disease left untreated can lead to infections and other health problems that put your entire body in danger.  Cognizant of this, we have prepared for you a list of the best dental clinic in Doha.

Furthermore, dental health has an impact on your life in ways that are often overlooked. Your mouth can be a window into your general health, revealing signs of illness or disease before you notice other symptoms. It’s an often-overlooked part of health management, yet it’s critical to your overall health.

Furthermore, good dental health correlates with general health. Cavities and gum disease can make it difficult to eat and speak properly, as well as cause pain and foul smell.

As a result, excellent dental hygiene is critical since it can help to avoid oral illness and dental disorders. And the emphasis should be on prevention.

So, to help you out we have gathered the best dental clinic in Doha.

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Here is the list of the 9 best dental clinics in Doha:

1. Dr. Mohammed Al-Said Dental Center

best dentist in doha

The center was established in Doha in 2008. Since, that time, Dr. Mohammed Al-Said Specialized Dental Center has served thousands of happy patients. Moreover, during that time they have maintained the highest level of care for their patients.

In addition, to their internationally trained Specialists, the center also hosts consultants from top universities around the world to ensure that all of your dental needs are met. It houses some of the best dentists in Doha.

Further, the center utilizes the most up-to-date technologies and materials available to Dental professionals anywhere in the world. Here, you will get the most cutting-edge treatment available on the planet.

Another key point is that the center covers most dental sub-specialties and it strives to always come up with the most optimum treatment plan. Not to mention, they ensure that the patient understands and wholly approves of the physician’s plan.

  • Services offered: Orthodontics, Advanced Endodontics, Fillings
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Timing: 9:30 Am – 1 Pm, 4:30 Pm – 9 Pm
  • Contact: +974 6644 9264
  • Address: Al-Amir St, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

2. Avenues Dental Center

cheapest dental clinic in doha

Avenues Clinic is one of the cheapest dental clinics in Doha. Despite this, the clinic does not compromise on its quality of care and is indeed one of the best dental centers for you and your family.

Moreover, the clinic uses the most up-to-date equipment, materials, and techniques. In addition, It strives to deliver state-of-the-art dental care and smile creation in a caring and comfortable environment.

Furthermore, the doctors and staff in Avenues Dental Center continue to enhance their skills through frequent training and continuing education participation. This ensures that they are keeping up with contemporary developments in their field.

The clinic says that its ultimate goal is ensuring the health, beauty, and optimum dental function for every patient they treat.

  • Services offered: Orthodontic Treatment, Root Canal Therapy, Aesthetic Surgery, Teeth Whitening, Dental Lasers
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Timing: 9 Am – 9 Pm
  • Contact: +974 4481 8112
  • Address: Al Wakra Main St, Abu Hamour, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

3. Family Dental Clinic

filipino dental clinic in Qatar

Family Dental Clinic established in 1989, is a globally known and respected institution in the field of dentistry. Since that time, the clinic has had an excess of forty-two thousand patients on file and approximately twenty thousand active patients.

Additionally, the doctors here are all American trained with many years of clinical experience in Qatar. Furthermore, the support staff are of the highest quality and have been working together as a team for a significant period of time, to ensure a smooth and hassle-free patient experience.

Moreover, the clinic keeps up with modern-day dentistry, advanced dental equipment, and research advancements being carried out in the field of dentistry to ensure that the treatment of their patients is up-to-date.

In addition, there is ample on-site parking available.

  • Services offered: Preventive Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Timing: 8 Am – 8 Pm
  • Contact: +974 4466 6227
  • Address: 9 Al Qairawan Street, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

4. Naseem Dental Centre (Al Rabeeh Dental Centre)

indian dental clinic in Qatar

Naseem Dental Center is one of the pioneer dental centers in Doha, Qatar has more than twelve years of experience.

The center provides an exceptional quality of care with the most advanced technology, a highly-skilled medical teams from different nationalities. The dental center is managed by a team of qualified professionals with a wide range of experience in hospital management.

The center is equipped to handle patients speaking different languages and treat guests from more than 75 nationalities.

The center is committed to providing ethical patient care focused on safety and quality dental treatments, all at an affordable rate.

  • Services offered: Orthodontics, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Timing: 7 Am – 11 Pm
  • Contact: +974 4442 3200
  • Address: Near Muntazah Health Centre، Al Rawabi Street، Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

5. German Dental and Dermatology Centre

best orthodontics in doha

German Dental & Dermatology Clinic in Qatar is one of the leading dental institutes in the entire country. Since, its inception, it is continuing to ensure up-to-date dental & dermatology care at the highest level.

Moreover, the doctors employed by the center are German Board Certifies and bring up to 40 years of experience.

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the strengths of the clinic. They can effectively correct tooth misalignment, unsightly tooth shapes, tooth discoloration, or gum problems with state-of-the-art dental aesthetic treatment methods.

They also provide cheap braces in Doha. Apart from Metallic and Ceramic braces they provide Invisalign braces as well.

The clinic is known for being one of the best in orthodontics in Doha.

  • Services offered: Orthognathic Surgery, Braces, Invisalign
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Timing: 10 Am – 7 Pm
  • Contact: +974 3029 0013
  • Address: Al Taif Street MadinatKhalifa North, Al Taif ST, Area # 32, St. #830, Villa #76, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

6. Hamad Dental Center

free dental treatment in Qatar

Hammad Dental Center is one of the best in the business when it comes to teeth. It allows its patients l to access specialized oral and dental care at its state-of-the-art facilities. Moreover, it collaborates with several other locations within Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) for the betterment of its patients.

Specifically, the Hamad Dental Service focuses on acute and specialized care services and aligns its care delivery with Primary Health Care dental services.

They proclaim their goal is to deliver efficient and professional services to all patients with clear, safe, modern, and latest equipment and technologies.

Their commitment, focus, and quality have led us to our phenomenal success in achieving excellence in Dentistry. Undoubtedly, when you search best dental clinic near me, the name Hammad Dental Center pops up.

  • Services offered: Exams, Fillings, Root canals, Restorations
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Timing: 7 Am – 8 Pm
  • Contact: +97444395777
  • Address: Al Razi St, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

7. Green Health Dental Clinic

best paediatric orthodontics in doha

Green Health Dental Clinic is a specialized state-of-the-art and one of the most reputable dental clinics in Doha, Qatar.

Moreover, the clinic is ergonomically designed, meaning that its layout is such that people and things interact most efficiently and safely. Furthermore, its facilities are equipped with cutting-edge services comparable to world standards.

Additionally, the restaurant provides a range of services but it is known to be the best Paediatric Orthodontics in Doha. Furthermore, the clinic has a friendly climate designed to make the patients feel at ease. Another key point is that the clinic guarantees individual consideration and attention to all its patients.

As an additional bonus, the clinic provides abundant parking.

  • Services offered: Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Periodontics, and Lasers
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Timing: 9:30 Am – 12:30 Pm, 2 Pm – 10 Pm
  • Contact: +974 3323 5356
  • Address: Dar Al Salam Mall, Mesaimeer Road Bldg No.44، 709 Saleh Bin Bayan St، Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

8. Dental Care Specialized Center

free dental treatment in Qatar

The Dental Care Specialized Center founded in 2012 is one of the premier dental institutions in Qatar. Another key point is that the doctors hired by the clinic have a number of years of experience. Further, the clinic boasts of being able to treat all manners of dental illness and we are hardly able to argue the point.

Additionally, the Clinic aims to provide excellent treatment and fulfill the needs of its patients with the latest technology in dentistry. They are up to date with the latest techniques in dentistry. Moreover, the Clinic accepts and treats patients having SEHA insurance and other private insurance.

In addition, the Clinic provides a vast range of services such as Orthodontics, Cosmetic dentistry, Dental Fillings, Teeth whitening, Laser treatments, Dental implants, and bone grafts. Not to mention, all of this at a very affordable price range. Its patients describe it as the cheap and best dental clinic in Doha.

  • Services offered: Orthodontics, Cosmetic dentistry, Dental Fillings, Teeth whitening
  • Rating (Google Reviews): 
  • Timing: 9 Am – 1 Pm, 4 Pm – 9 Pm
  • Contact: +974 7716 1979
  • Address: E. Ring Road, Al Thumama, Beside Doha Chiropractic, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

9. Al Raed Dental Center

cheap and best dental clinic in doha

Al Raed Dental Center believes itself to be the partner in keeping your smile healthy and aesthetically pleasing.  Because they are dentist-owned, they are patient-driven and can focus more on providing excellent care and less on the bottom line.

Moreover, the doctors maintain proficiency in the latest technologies and techniques in cosmetic dentistry, including veneers, implants, braces, and laser whitening techniques.

Here, the Center promises you to get state-of-the-art treatment from experienced doctors you can trust.

Additionally, the clinic offers comprehensive dentistry in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Furthermore, they use state-of-the-art sterilization procedures for the protection of our patients and thorough cleaning of instruments in between patients.

  • Services offered: Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Geriatric Dentistry
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Timing: 8:30 Am – 1 Pm, 4 Pm – 9 Pm
  • Contact: +974 4450 9673
  • Address: 7C4R+4FH, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

Hope you keep your teeth pearly white at any of our selections here.

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