Top 5 Kerala Restaurants in Doha for Authentic Indian Taste in 2024

Undoubtedly Kerala is considered the land of spices. The unique flavor of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger increases the curiosity of the explorers. If you are craving traditional Kerala food. You must check out the 5 best Kerala Restaurants in Doha.

Kerala food is famous all over the world for its unique taste. The restaurants in Doha also play a vital role to attract food lovers. They depict the tradition and culture of the particular area.

Kerala food is served in some best Indian restaurants in Doha. It is best known for its unique taste.

Kerala food is quite popular in South Asia. Kerala food has a unique mix of spices and herbs. People who have tried it once already know the taste of this food.

Kerala food is a must-eat cuisine. The uniqueness of food and peaceful ambiance of the restaurant is the best choice.

Mostly the Kerala cuisine is prepared using turmeric, curry leaves, coconut, mustard seeds, and other spices. The taste of coconut, kokum, fish, and vegetables is beautifully blended together.

Here is the list of the Best Kerala Restaurants in Doha

1. Bachikka Restaurant (Best Kerala Biryani in Doha)

best kerala biryani in doha

Bachikka restaurant is one of the best Kerala restaurants in Doha. It will definitely surprise you with its originality and amazing flavors.

If you are searching for Kerala restaurants in matar qadeem, then Bachikka is the best option for you. Make sure to check out this place.

This restaurant is very much more than a place to eat – it’s a one-stop destination for your entire family.

It is a real treat for every taste bud. If you want to try new cuisines, Indian Kerala cuisine is the best option.

The menu features tea, chicken biryani, fish curry, mutton which are the best appetizers. They also serve the best Kerala biryani in Doha.

The dishes served here are enchanting and divinely delicious, the menu is on point too – expect robust flavors and tender seafood cooked to perfection.

It has an awesome location with a unique interior design. The elegant black and white décor make for pleasant dining as does the helpful staff, dressed in traditional attire.

  • Cuisine: Kerala, Indian
  • Best Item(s): Chicken Biryani, King Fish Curry, Porotta Beef Fry, Chicken Dry.
  • Pricing:   QAR 40 for two people (approx.)
  • Rating: 4 (google review)
  • Timing: Mon-Thu (7 am -11:45 pm) Fri-sat (7:30am -11:45 pm) Sun (7 am -11:45 pm)
  • Contact: +9744366488
  • Address: Near Mobil 1 Showroom, Old Airport Road, Al Hilal, Doha
  • Location: Click here for Location

2. Ambrosia Restaurant

best indian restaurants in doha

The Restaurant Ambrosia is a luxurious place. All the hottest dishes, which you have ever dreamed of, are offered to please your taste buds.

It has traditionally been a place of fine dining, signature cuisines, and good food! Both continental & Indian cuisine is perfect for family functions.

The menu features a wide range of dishes to suit all palates, from Arabic mezzeh and grilled salads to specialty sushi and sashimi. The dessert menu alone is enough to tempt the most discerning of sweet-toothed guests.

The environment is very peaceful and calm, with elegant interiors which, makes dining at the restaurant an unforgettable experience.

So just give it a chance and enjoy your day!!

  • Cuisine:  Indian Kerala
  • Best Item(s): Chicken Biryani, Beef Curry, Sushi
  • Pricing: Not Available
  • Rating: 4.0 (Google Reviews)
  • Timing: Mon-Sat (6am-1am) Sun (6am-12am)
  • Contact: 66583475
  • Address: Ar-Rayyan, Qatar
  • Location: Click here for Location

3. Panoor Restaurant al Mansura (Bamboo Mutton Biryani in Doha)

kerala restaurants in matar qadeem

Panoor is one of the best Indian restaurants in Doha. With its striking view and heat of the tandoor, accompanied by décor that pays homage to epic Bollywood films, Panoor takes you beyond an ordinary dining experience.

The popular dishes include falooda, biryani, mutton curry, and fry. They serve the best Kerala biryani in Doha. The crispy fried beef served with special “chutni” and salad increases the taste to the highest level.

It offers succulent dishes prepared using the finest ingredients. They serve halal food. Moreover, Panoor serves themed dinners on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

The restaurant is fully furnished with all the luxuries. The best place to dine-in. so just grabs the opportunity to enjoy a tasty meal.

  • Cuisine: South Indian.
  • Best Item(s): South Indian fish, beef chatty curry, falooda, mutton biryani, beef fry, chicken lollipop, bamboo mutton biryani
  • Pricing:  QAR35 for two people (approx.)
  • Rating: 3.8 (google review)
  • Timing: Mon-Sun (6am-12am)
  • Contact: 97444447151
  • Address: Near Canara Jewellery, Ibn Derhem Street, Al Mansoura, Doha
  • Location: Click here for Location

4. Adaar Thattukada Restaurant

best sadya in qatar

Adaar thattukada is one of the best Kerala restaurants in Doha. It offers original and authentic Kerala food.

Adaar Restaurant is inspired by a traditional Kerala “Thattukada.”The word ‘thattu’ means plate and ‘kada’ means shop. They use this method that brings the unique taste of Thattukada to the platter.

Their cuisine shows a perfect blend of traditional Lebanese specialties with a modern twist. It is one of the best options for eating Kerala cuisines in Doha restaurants.

They serve biryani, Indian-style chicken, butter chicken.The aroma and flavors of special condiments boost the craving.

In short, they serve soulful cuisine in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

This restaurant is certainly living up to its name by serving exquisite dishes. It provides a love-filled atmosphere and wonderful experience.

  • Cuisine: Chinese, Indian, Arabic
  • Best Item(s): veg meals, milk tea, butter chicken, beef roast, kanji and fish fry, chatty rice bowl
  • Pricing: QAR40 for two people (approx.)
  • Rating: 4.0 (Google Reviews)
  • Timing: Mon-Sun (6 am-12 am)
  • Contact: 974 3095 8880
  • Address: Street 853, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here for Location

5. Kairali al Tanoor

Kairali al Tanoor

The Kairali restaurant is a masterpiece with its sumptuous foods and magnificent ambiance. It also makes it the best Kerala restaurant in Doha.

The special dishes are made at the restaurants with special ingredients.

This hidden gem is known for its signature dishes, fish tikka, and chingri malai curry. Fresh fish and seafood are cooked using a traditional sand oven called the Tandoor. A provenance that is rich in every bite.

The ambiance is simply unique and gives a feeling of Kerala.

So here you can enjoy authentic Indian cuisine served in a relaxed setting with warm personal service

  • Cuisine: North Indian, Kerala, Chinese, Mangalorean, Continental, Indian, Seafood, South Indian
  • Best Item(s): Murgh Patiala, Hot N Sour Soup, Falooda, Thali, Breads, Starters
  • Pricing:  QAR75 for two people (approx.)
  • Rating: 4.0 (Google Reviews)
  • Timing: Sat-Wed (8am-11pm) Thu-Fri (8am-11:30pm)
  • Contact: 97440393952
  • Address: Near Mid Mac Roundabout, Al Asiri Street, Al Hilal, Doha
  • Location: Click here for Location

Restaurants are the places, we go not only to eat food but also to have a great time with friends and family.

Luckily, Doha offers you some of the best restaurants to wine and fine. Here, we can enjoy some of the best food at an affordable price.

In this article, we cover the best Kerala restaurants in Doha where you can go to relax in a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere with people who matter most to us.

The dining options in Doha are a reflection of diverse cultures.

Enjoy an authentic Indian meal at the best Kerala restaurants in Doha. Wish you good luck!!!

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