Top 11 Luxurious Hotels in Doha for a Remarkable Stay in 2024

After spending a day, shopping and visiting the many sights of Doha, one inevitably gets tired and wants to rest. Thus to help you out we have gathered for you some of the best hotels in Doha.

In the hotels that we have gathered for you, you will find some of the greatest amenities on the planet.  You will be wined and dined like royalty

Doha is rapidly becoming a tourist hotspot in the Middle East.  As such more and more hotels are being built every day.  To help you search for the best but most affordable hotel for you we have compiled this list.

Each of these hotels offers you greater luxury than the next. You will always look back on your stay here with fond nostalgia

Take a look at the Top 11 Best Hotels in Doha

1. Four Seasons Hotel

best hotels in doha with beach

The name Four Seasons Hotel is synonymous with the word luxury.  Here you can get the best of what money can buy you.  It is one of the best hotels in Doha with a beach view.

The Hotel offers accommodations of various types,  from one-bedroom apartments to full presidential suites.  There are few places that can match the grandeur of the Four Seasons anywhere on the planet.

Furthermore, the hotel has various amenities to make your stay enjoyable it has a full spa and a fitness center.  Moreover, it has a separate area for kids.  Another key point is that the hotel also has a full-size outdoor pool

Additionally, being right beside the beach gives your easy access whenever you desire

  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 1000
  • Facilities: Pool, Spa, Gym
  • Contact: +974 4494 8888
  • Address: The Corniche, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

2. Strato Hotel by Warwick

cheap and best hotels in doha

Strato hotel is famous for its traditional architecture as well as elegant and beautiful interior.  Staying in the strato is akin to staying in a palace.

Moreover, the hotel is located near the Doha International Airport providing easy access to those both leaving as well as entering Doha.

Additionally, the strato is known for providing quality facilities at an affordable range. Thus the strato is one of the cheapest and best hotels in Doha.

The hotel provides you with all manners of rooms to choose from.  Some of the options include queen-size deluxe-size and executive suites. It is counted as one of the cheapest and best hotels in Doha.

  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 185
  • Facilities: Pool, Gym
  • Contact: +974 4041 4444
  • Address: Old Airport Road, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

3. Park Hyatt Doha

best 5 star hotels in doha

Park Hyatt Doha is located at an ideal location for any traveler or tourist. It is located some 16 KM away from the international airport while also being next to a Light Rail stop. Its location makes it so so that people can easily access both the airport and most of Doha.

The hotel is a worthy retreat from the perils of the world.  Its beautifully decorated interior and the amenities offered here allow a person to completely relax and forget the troubles of the outside world. No wonder, it is among the best 5-star hotels in Doha.

The hotel offers numerous amenities to make your stay here more comfortable.  It offers an onsite restaurant offering delicious Qatari and International cuisine.  Moreover, the hotel also provides room service.

Additionally, the hotel also provides free internet access as well as laundry service and has both a fitness center and a spa.  Furthermore, the hotel also has a pool.

  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 600
  • Facilities: Laundry, Fitness Center, Spa
  • Contact: +974 4009 1234
  • Address: Sikkat, Wadi Msheireb St, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

4. The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa

best luxury hotels in doha

The Westin Hotel is located in the vibrant heart of Doha.  It is within a stone’s throw distance from many of Doha’s most famous attractions, much to the benefit of tourists.

The hotel takes inspiration from an Oasis.  Its decorations reflect that reality. The hotel is dotted with lush green plants, amazing suites, and pool villas. Moreover, the hotel accommodations range from single one-bedroom apartments to extensive Presidential suites.

The hotel offers many experiences to make your stay here enjoyable. It offers a full spa to rest your weary body. Additionally, it has an indoor pool, outdoor infinity pool as well as a wave pool. So you are not short of choices.

Safety is considered paramount here. Hence, all the pools are heated and have lifeguards on duty. Moreover, there are special areas for children. It is because of all of this that we consider this place to be one of the best luxury hotels in Doha.

  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 470
  • Facilities: Spa, Pools, Fitness Center
  • Contact: +974 4492 1555
  • Address: Salwa Road Fereej Bin Mahmoud, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

5. Mondrian Doha

best quarantine hotels in doha

Mondrian Doha is a fusion of the new and old worlds. It combines the traditional decorations of the past with modern artistic flair.

The hotel provides various different types of rooms based on affordability and need. However, if you take our advice, definitely try their Opal Suite to receive the best of the Doha experience. Additionally, all the rooms offer 24-hour room service.

The hotel also provides you with different options for where you want to eat. Here, you can eat simple yet delicious Qatari cuisine at Walima Restaurant or enjoy your food with a view at their rooftop bar, Rise. During this time of the pandemic, the hotel’s facilities make it one of the best quarantine hotels in Doha.

In addition, the Mondrian provides you room to conduct high-class events from various parties to even balls. Moreover, here you can experience the Doha nightlife, in 8 separate locations, all within the same hotel.

  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 600
  • Facilities: Restaurants, Spa, Gym
  • Contact: +974 4045 5555
  • Address: West Bay Lagoon Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

6. Sapphire Plaza Hotel

Sapphire Plaza Hotel

The Sapphire Plaza Hotel is a luxurious 4-star hotel located in the heart of Doha. No matter your need, the hotel can provide. It is perfect, whether you are on a business trip or out on a holiday with your family. It is one of the best hotels to stay in Doha.

The hotel has more than 174 rooms and suites, each uniquely designed to provide you with comfort, without compromising on elegance. Additionally, the hotel gives you the chance to choose your own room based on your preference.

The hotel has a multi-lingual staff to accommodate their patrons and their varied needs. Moreover, it provides In-room dining, Laundry service, and Valet Parking as well. To keep your room neat and tidy, there is a daily housekeeping service too.

Recreational facilities include a convenient indoor swimming pool and a mini sauna. Additionally, there is also the Sapphire Plaza fitness Center to burn off the calories you gain by eating at its excellent AL Maha Restaurant and Sapphire Cafe. It is one of the best hotels to stay in Doha.
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 270
  • Facilities:  Indoor swimming pool, Mini sauna
  • Contact: +974 4033 7000
  • Address: 8113, Al Reem Street, Al Rayyan Rd, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

7. Oryx Airport Hotel

best family hotels in doha

Oryx Airport Hotel has been designed while keeping families in mind. In fact, it is one of the best family hotels in Doha. It is located inside the passenger terminal at the Hamad International Airport so, people can rest up in between flights.

The hotel offers various accommodations from single bedrooms to big family rooms and Presidential suites. Each comes with its own amenities and services. Moreover, each room has been designed while keeping luxury in mind.

Contrary to expectations, the hotel provides a host of facilities such as a gymnasium, a squash court, and a swimming pool. Furthermore, the hotel allows you to play Virtual Golf, and do some Shopping and gives you Free Wi-Fi as well. 

Here, you will have a 5-star experience all within the proximity of the airport.

  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 900
  • Facilities: Gymnasium, A squash court, Swimming pool.
  • Contact: +974 4010 8100
  • Address: Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

8. The Curve Hotel

The Curve Hotel

As the name implies, the Curve hotel follows the curve of Doha’s most famous shoreline i.e Doha Corniche. Every room in the hotel offers spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf.

The hotel has accommodation of more than 600 rooms and suites. It contains both studio apartments as well as multi-room suites. With its facilities and unique offers, this magnificent and contemporary hotel transforms the regular into the exceptional, giving guests plenty of possibilities to indulge and unwind.

Additionally, the hotel comes equipped with a fully stocked gym as well as a beautiful pool. The hotel provides the following services too, a 24-Hour Front Desk, Air Conditioning, and a Breakfast Buffet.

Furthermore, the entire hotel is disabled-friendly. Hence, it is easily one of the best 4-star hotels in Doha.

  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Pricing (for two): 24-Hour Front Desk, Air Conditioning, Breakfast Buffet
  • Facilities: QAR 500
  • Contact: +974 4007 8888
  • Address: 13257 Diplomatic St, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

9. Fraser Suites (the best cheap hotels in Doha)

best five star hotels in doha

Fraser Suites Doha is part of an international award-winning hotel chain, named Fraser Hospitality. It has hotels all over the world. But even amongst them, the hotel in Doha stands out. It is easily one of the cheap hotels in Doha.

One of the best things about the hotel is its very flexible booking policy and generous cancellation policy. Fraser Suites truly put customer care first.

The hotel offers various room types with differing amenities provided, depending on the type of room. We recommend the Deluxe Studio room with its Fully-furnished residence and integrated living, dining, kitchen, and bedroom areas. 

Furthermore, the hotel also provides a Temperature-controlled swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, Sauna, Spa, and a Fully-equipped gym. It is undoubtedly, one of the best hotels in the region. 

  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 1205
  • Facilities: Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Spa
  • Contact: +974 4424 3444
  • Address: شارعالميناء, Al Meena St, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

10. Mövenpick Hotel West Bay (best all-inclusive hotels in Doha)

Mövenpick Hotel West Bay

If you believe in indulgence, stunning views, and great food, then this is the place for you. It not only brings you a great experience but also at a very affordable price. It is truly one of the best all-inclusive hotels in Doha.

The staff here are fantastic both at the reception and those in housekeeping. They keep the comfort of their clients in mind and do their best to provide the care expected of them.

The hotel offers many different rooms and suites based on the client’s affordability and need. Each room comes equipped with the standard amenities, whilst also having something extra based upon the room chosen.

Additionally, the hotel has a pool, a spa, and a gym and provides a trip through the cultural diversity of Qatar.

  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 420
  • Facilities: Pool, Spa, Gym
  • Contact: +974 4496 6600
  • Address: Diplomatic St, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

11. Best Western Plus Doha (best cheap hotels in Doha)

best cheap hotels in doha

The Best Western Plus is one of the best hotels in Doha. Everything from its location, to its accommodations and service, contributes to giving you an excellent experience.

It is conveniently located in extreme proximity to the airport making travel simple. Moreover, its accommodations are simply divine. Whether you need a simple bedroom or a family flat, the hotel will provide one.

The hotel was refurbished in 2015 and now supports state-of-the-art facilities. They include but aren’t limited to high-speed internet, a pool, a gym, and an airport shuttle bus.

We guarantee, it is one of the best budget hotels in Doha.

  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 250
  • Facilities: Pool, Gym, Spa
  • Contact: +974 4424 0000
  • Address: Al Safiya Street, Old Salata Road, Doha 495, Qatar
  • Location: Click here to view in map

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