Top 5 British Schools in Doha for Quality Education in 2024

Are you looking for the best British school in Doha? Honestly, providing good quality education is probably the best gift from any parents for their children.

So, parents take a lot of time while deciding on the school for their kids.

When finding a school the most important thing is the curriculum. Schools in Doha offer a wide range of curriculums like Arabic, IB, American, British, etc.

In this article, we targeted the affordable British schools in Qatar. We will also discuss the Doha British Schools fees and Doha British Schools’ timing. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Here, is the list of 5 Best British Schools in Doha

1. Park House English School

doha british school fees

Park House English School is probably one of the best British school in Doha. This school is part of the International School Partnership group of schools.

In fact, the students come from over 70 countries creating a truly international community. As the student come from diverse cultural backgrounds they are more mindful.

Additionally, the teachers and other staff are very friendly and well trained. The school ensures that teachers undergo professional training programs to provide the best experience in the classroom.

Also, the school also encourages extra circular activities. They offer different programs including the Duke of Edinburgh International Award and Model United Nations.

  • Founded in – 1994
  • Curriculum – British, IGCSE
  • Leadership – Mr. John Smith (Principal)
  • Gender – Mixed (Co-education)
  • Average Fees – QAR 22,934 – QAR 52,423
  • Number of Staff – 70
  • Rating – 4.0 (Edarabia)
  • Timing – Sunday – Thursday: 7:10 Am – 2:10 Pm, Friday-Saturday: Closed
  • Contact – +97444683800
  • Address – Mesaimeer Road, Abu Hamour, Doha, Qatar
  • LocationClick here to view the map

2. Newton British School

best british schools in qatar

Newton British School is one of the best British school in Doha. Their aim is to make children excel not only in academics but also to ensure that they become good citizens.

The student must have respect for the society in which they live.Moreover, they emphasize the responsibilities of good citizens. So that the kids could become good and law-abiding citizens in the future.

They also teach kids to make responsible and wise choices. So that they have a positive impact on the people and environment where they live.

Additionally, with over 50 nationalities, they represent rich cultural diversity and aim to serve without racism.

  • Founded in – 2008
  • Curriculum – British, UK EYFS
  • Leadership – Mr. James Houston (Principal)
  • Gender – Mixed (Co-education)
  • Average Fees – QAR 24,907 – 29,495
  • Number of Staff – 80
  • Rating – 3.5 (Edarabia)
  • Timing – Sunday – Thursday: 7:00 Am – 5:00 Pm, Friday-Saturday: Closed
  • Contact – +974 6647 7410
  • Address – AlWaab – Doha, Qatar
  • Location – Click here to view the map

3. King’s College Doha

affordable british schools in qatar

King’s College is the top British school in Doha. They serve from FS 1 to Year 9.

A King’s College Doha education offers our students an experience far beyond the textbook delivering a traditional British School ethos within a Middle Eastern context.

That’s why they offer Arabic in their curriculum to ensure that kids get the best education and still connect to their roots.

Their main aim is for all our students to be challenged and pushed to their limits. Whilst promoting key-value attributes in students such as ambition, leadership, and respect.

Additionally, they have a huge community of learners at King’s College. They work together to nurture a culture where ideas are welcomed and talents unleashed.

  • Founded in – 2016
  • Curriculum – Arabic, British, UK EYFS
  • Leadership – Ms. Oona Carlin (Principal)
  • Gender – Mixed (Co-education)
  • Average Fees – QAR 47,550 – 61,800
  • Number of Staff – 80
  • Rating – 3.8 (Edarabia)
  • Timing – Sunday – Monday: 6:30 Am– 4:00 Pm, Tuesday: 6:30 Am– 10:54 Pm,Friday-Saturday: closed
  • Contact – +97444965888
  • Address – Building 14, Umm Al Shawil Street Zone 47, Al Thumama – Doha, Qatar
  • LocationClick here to view the map

4. ACS Doha International School

international schools in qatar

ACS Doha International School is one of the best International British school in Doha. Specifically, the ACS Doha is a community of over 900 students aged 3 to 18. They represent over 70 nationalities in their school and are supported by 150 expert staff.

Their main aim is to empower the students with the skillset and knowledge to thrive in an ever-changing world.

They also focus on developing a love of learning and exploring new things, critical thinking, and a fundamental belief in the worth of every individual in the students.

While serving a diverse and multicultural community, they strive to ensure everyone feels they belong and are valued.

  • Founded in – 1967
  • Curriculum – British, AP
  • Leadership – Robert William Cody (Head)
  • Gender – Mixed (Co-education)
  • Average Fees – QAR 51,309 – 80,465
  • Number of Staff – 150
  • Rating – 3.5 (Edarabia)
  • Timing – Sunday – Thursday: 7:00 Am – 3:00 Pm, Friday-Saturday: closed
  • Contact – +97430266800
  • Address – Al Kheesa, Building no 10, Street no 161 – Doha, Qatar
  • LocationClick here to view the map

5. Belgravia High School Doha

Belgravia High School

Belgravia High School is one of the best British school in Doha. They offer the highest standard of teaching and student support.

Moreover, Belgravia High School offers an excellent British curriculum in AS, A2, and IGCSE subjects. They have a calm, friendly and supportive learning environment.

The combination of small teaching groups, quality academic delivery, and purpose-built facilities will help your kids to settle quickly into school life at Belgravia.

Their main aim is to prepare kids for independent learning and living to prepare them for Universities.

  • Founded in – 2012
  • Curriculum – British, IGCSE
  • Leadership – Mr. A. Miseroy (Director)
  • Gender – Mixed (Co-education)
  • Average Fees – QAR 49,600 – 49,600
  • Number of Staff – 87
  • Rating – 4.5 (Edarabia)
  • Timing – Sunday – Thursday: 8:30 Am – 2:00 Pm, Friday-Saturday: closed
  • Contact – +97455500693
  • Address – Sports City St – Doha, Qatar
  • LocationClick here for the map

In this article, we give a detailed review of top British Schools in Doha, with the timing, fee, and environment of the school.

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