Top 12 Restaurants for the Best Breakfast Experience in Doha in 2024

Undoubtedly you must have heard the maxim that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s a bit of a cliche, however, no one can doubt its veracity. Understanding this, we have compiled for you a list of 12 restaurants that serve the best breakfast in Doha.

A healthy breakfast is necessary for you to have a good start to your day. It will energize you for the activities of the day and help you shed the lethargy of last night’s sleep. Because of this, we have gathered for you this list. We assure you that every restaurant on this list is worth getting out of your pajamas.

We usually don’t have the energy at dawn or the time, to cook our own breakfasts. Because of this, we favor eating out in the mornings. Moreover, on a weekend, we want to reward ourselves for the week’s hard work and enjoy a delicious breakfast outside. For both those cases, this list will prove to be helpful.

Good breakfast places are rare but Doha seems to have an abundance of them. Moreover, they also have the good sense to open up early to provide for those who want an early start to their day. Hot and delicious food, perfect ambiance, and prompt service that you will find in the restaurants of Doha will have you feeling like royalty in the morning.

Here is a list of Places for Best Breakfast in Doha

1. Santa Monica Breakfast Club

breakfast in doha 2022

Santa Monica Breakfast Club located at Doha’s iconic Grand Hyatt Hotel offers you an excellent breakfast alongside exquisite views. A fun place for the entire family to gather for a highly nutritious and delightful breakfast before you start the day. It is a great place to have breakfast in Doha in 2022.

As an added bonus the restaurant also allows you to laze in on weekends and break your fast late with an extended brunch. Some of the most popular dishes on their menu include Shakshouka, Sweet Potato Fries, Pizza, Drinks, and Coffee.

The restaurant also offers a full bar and a separate area for smoking. Also, the restaurant serves an excellent array of cocktails.

The restaurant has an inner seating arrangement and table booking is recommended. Additionally, the restaurant has the option of takeaway available. Moreover, it also provides valet parking.

  • Cuisine: American, International
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 230 (approx.)
  • Best item(s): Egg dishes, Waffles, Pancakes, Arabic Mezze
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Timing: 6:30 Am – 12 Am
  • Contact: +974 4448 1240
  • Address: Grand Hyatt Doha Hotel & Villas, West Bay Lagoon، Doha, Qatar
  • Location: click here to view in map

2. Al Nahham

breakfast in doha with view

Al Nahham is another restaurant with a view. Its iconic thatched pavilion stands over the gleaming waters of the Arabian gulf allowing you to observe the majesty of the sea as you start your day. Here you can enjoy, the finest Middle Eastern breakfast in Doha with a view.

The restaurant is known for putting great care in the preparation of meals and only using the best ingredients. The restaurant has traditional Arabic options such as hummus and foul, or you can grab a zaatar manakeesh. We guarantee that whatever you choose, will be amazing.

The restaurant has also the requirements for providing you luxury dining experience. As an added bonus, the restaurant also has a full shisha bar, filled with varied and exotic flavors.

It has both an outdoor and indoor seating arrangement. with a separate area for smoking. In addition, to the great sea-view, the restaurant also offers live music as entertainment. It also has free valet parking As such, we can understand, why the restaurant recommends booking a table in advance.

  • Cuisine: Middle Eastern
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 400 (approx.)
  • Best item(s): Moghrabieh, Cream, Mussels, Calamari, Prawns, Chickpeas, Oriental Spices, Cream
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Timing: 1 Pm – 11:30 Pm
  • Contact: +974 4040 5075
  • Address: Banana Island, Qatar
  • Location: click here to view in map


Chap and best breakfast in Doha

Breakfast doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. This concept is emulated by IKEA. The restaurant proclaims that it serves the cheapest and best breakfast in Doha. And we can’t argue that claim.

At IKEA restaurant, one can get themselves ready with a hardy breakfast before embarking on a long day of shopping. Their best offerings include items such as Swedish cakes and pastries, fruit salad, soup, healthy rolls, and wraps.

The restaurant is known for offering quality food items in a very affordable price range. Additionally, They also provide a late brunch for those who are fond of having a late start to their day. Moreover, cognizant of the early hour the restaurant does not offer alcohol.

They have an indoor seating arrangement as well as a separate area for offering prayers. In addition, they also have the option of takeaway possible.

  • Cuisine: International
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 70 (approx.)
  • Best item(s): Swedish cakes and pastries, fruit salad, soup
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Timing: 10 Am – 10 Pm
  • Contact: +974 4406 2539
  • Address: Plot 450، 253 Al Shamal Rd, Umm Salal Muhammed, Qatar
  • Location: click here to view in map

4. Raju Omlet Centre

best indian breakfast in doha

Raju Omelet Center is a restaurant that despite its name does not specialize in just eggs and omelets. In fact, the restaurant offers more South Asian-inspired dishes and says that it serves the best Indian breakfast in Doha.

A novelty regarding the restaurant is that it offers a customization menu to its clientele allowing them to design their own meals. However, in our humble opinion, their best items are assured, Masala Omelet, Crushed Burgi, and Cheese Masala Half Fry.

The restaurant is known for being family-friendly with a homely ambiance. Furthermore, the service here is stellar and without comparison.

The restaurant also offers both delivery and takeaway option for those who prefer to dine at home or are pressed for time.

  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 60 (approx.)
  • Best item(s):  Masala Omelet, Crushed Burgi and Cheese Masala Half Fry
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Timing: 11 Am – 11 Pm
  • Contact: +974 3371 8999
  • Address: Shop 4, Bldg. 90, A Ring Road, 37163, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: click here to view in map

5. Arabesque

best arabic breakfast in doha

Thinking can be hard in the morning when you are trying to remove the last vestiges of sleep. To help you in this mission, Arabesque is there to help you and provide you with the best Arabic breakfast in Doha.

Arabesque offers a vast array of Arabian and Middle Eastern dishes including various breakfast items. We, however, recommend that you start your day with their delectable mezze, hummus, and tavuk.

One of the best things about the restaurant is that it doesn’t skimp out on the portions and offers you more than enough so that you eat to your heart’s content. Additionally, for those of you who prefer to start the day with something sweet, the restaurant also has a fine selection of desserts and baked goods.

Moreover, the restaurant provides both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements based on your preference. As an additional service, it also provides high-speed WiFi so that you are connected to the world as you enjoy a hot meal.

  • Cuisine: Arabian, Middle Eastern
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 150 (approx.)
  • Best item(s): Mezze, Hummus, Tavuk
  • Rating (Google Reviews): 
  • Timing: 10 Am – 12 Am
  • Contact: +974 4409 5271
  • Address: 18 La Croisette, Porto Arabia Drive, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: click here to view in map


MADO Qatar

Bringing you a taste of Turkey in the heart of Doha is Mado. It brings the Turkish food derived from hundreds of years of experimentation to the Qatari heartland. We can affirm that Mado truly brings the melding of herbs and spices that Turkish food is known for,

Mado serves as an ode to a rich Turkish heritage and this is evident in their menu. Its breakfast items include Turkish staples such as freshly baked bread, cured meats, various jams and dips, and of course, a very strong tea.

Mado is also known for its amazing ambiance and warm environment. It is the perfect place to relax and catch up on the events of the world as you begin your day. Without a doubt, we can say that Mado has the best Turkish breakfast in Doha.

The restaurant offers an indoor seating area where you can eat in privacy. This coupled with the amazing hospitality and care shown by the staff make Mado, the ideal way to start your day.

  • Cuisine: Turkish
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 250 (approx.)
  • Best item(s): Freshly baked bread, cured meats, various jams, and dips
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Timing: 8 Am – 12 Am
  • Contact: +974 4436 4622
  • Address:  LANDMARK Mall Al Gharraffa Gate #3 ; MADO PEARL QATAR
  • Location: click here to view in map

7. Paper Moon Doha

Paper Moon is located within Doha’s midtown, making it a close commute to anywhere within the city. In view of this fact, you can grab a quick bite in the morning without being late. Its Italian-inspired design and food are just the thing to wake you up.

Paper Moon offers an Italian-inspired menu. This might give you the false impression that they wouldn’t serve a give breakfast. On the contrary, nothing could be further from the truth. Papa Moon is in fact, where you can get the best Italian breakfast in Doha.

Many who frequent this establishment swear they can only wake up after its delicious frittata, perfectly cooked sausages, and ricotta pancakes. In addition, there is a vast array of baked goods for you to choose from. It also has a full bar available with the finest of Italian wines.

The restaurant has all the makings of a fine dining establishment. It offers free valet parking alongside both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. In addition, they also provide free strong WiFi.

  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Pricing (for two): QAR400 (approx.)
  • Best item(s): Frittata, Sausages, Ricotta Pancakes
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Timing: 12 Pm – 12 Am
  • Contact: +974 4016 6000
  • Address: Jaidah Square، Al Matar St, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: click here to view in map

8. Eden Coffee – The Pearl (best places for breakfast in Doha)

Eden Coffee is part of a chain of restaurants that spread over the entirety of Qatar. However, being part of a chain does not in any way affect their performance or the quality of their food. In fact, It only serves to enhance it.

As the name suggests, Eden Coffee primarily serves a vast array of different and delicious coffees. In addition, to this, they also have an excellent breakfast menu. Their best items include Peanut Butter Chia Pudding, Cheesecake Brownies, Café Latte, and Mixed Berries Chia Pudding.

Moreover, their breakfast is so good that we simply have to say that Eden Coffee is the best place for breakfast in Doha. The warm and friendly atmosphere, as well as the attention shown by the staff, corroborate this fact.

The restaurant has both an indoor and outdoor seating arrangement, with both takeaway and home delivery being available.

  • Cuisine: Cafe
  • Pricing (for two): QAR50 (approx.)
  • Best item(s): Cheesecake Brownies, Café Latte, and Mixed Berries Chia Pudding
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Timing: 7 Am – 12 Am
  • Contact: +974 5085 0260
  • Address: 9H92+98V, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: click here to view in map

9. Ric’s Kountry Kitchen (best American breakfast in Doha)

No one can deny that American breakfast hits just a bit differently than regular meals. There is just something different about it. This otherness of American breakfast has been perfectly captured by Ric’s Kountry Kitchen, making it deserving of the title of best American breakfast in Doha.

Ric’s Kountry Kitchen proves the stereotype regarding Americans through its excellent but enormous portions of food. Its entire menu is worth eating but our favorites, we have to admit are Fried eggs, crispy bacon, and blueberry pancakes.

The restaurant serves all this exquisite food at very manageable rates. Coupled with its warm ambiance and a great environment, we can definitely understand its popularity.

The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements as well as free parking. However, with deference to the early hour, the restaurant does not offer alcohol.

  • Cuisine: American
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 145
  • Best item(s): Fried eggs, crispy bacon, and blueberry pancakes
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Timing: 6:30 Am – 10:30 Pm
  • Contact: +974 4443 7846
  • Address: Ground Floor, C-Ring Road, Al Emadi Financial Square Bldg. No.2, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: click here to view in map

10. Spice and Sizzle (best Pakistani breakfast in Doha)

best pakistani breakfast in doha

Spice and Sizzle easily deserve to be on this list. After extensively scouring the streets of Doha, were we able to find this gem of a restaurant? This restaurant located within Doha’s downtown is the only one we have been able to find that serves authentic Pakistani food.

The restaurant expertly produces dishes in which the aromas and flavors that are the trademark of Pakistani food, permeate. Its breakfast selection includes delicacies such as Aloo Paratha, Halwa Puri, and Paye. In addition, they serve excellent teas, guaranteed to wake you right up.

Another point in their favor is that they have an elaborate seating arrangement that ensures the privacy of their patrons. Moreover, their staff is very welcoming and always willing to lend a helping hand. It is because of this that people call to say that it serves the best Pakistani breakfast in Doha.

As such, we can understand why they prefer you book your table in advance. However, if you aren’t able to do so, never fear, the restaurant also has takeaway and home delivery services as well.

  • Cuisine: Pakistani
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 170 (approx.)
  • Best item(s): Aloo Paratha, Halwa Puri, Paye
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Timing: 11 Am – 12 Am
  • Contact: +974 4444 1256
  • Address: Al Salama Street, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: click here to view in map

11. Le Colonial Restaurant

best place to have breakfast in doha

Unlike other restaurants which are more focused on serving lunch and dinner, Le Colonial is all about breakfast, with a menu stuffed to the brim with more dishes than you could ever possibly try.

Its menu takes inspiration from various countries. Such that, it appears that you can order breakfast items from anywhere in the world. Whether you are craving, fancy crepes, pancakes, waffles, French toast, eggs, or anything else, Le Colonial has it.

The Restaurant has a warm and homely atmosphere. In addition, their staff is intuitive and capable of understanding and delivering on the needs of their varied clientele.  If you are a fan of international cuisine, this restaurant is the best place to have breakfast in Doha.

Moreover, it provides separate areas for praying and smoking. In addition, to their other services, the restaurant offers takeaway as well.

  • Cuisine: Fast Food, International, Continental, French, Arabian
  • Pricing (for two): QAR 170 (approx.)
  • Best item(s): crepes, pancakes, waffles, french toast, eggs
  • Rating (Google Reviews):
  • Timing: 6 Am – 12 Pm
  • Contact: +974 4009 9999
  • Address: Corner of WadiMsheireb and Jassim, Qassim Bin Mohammed St, Doha, Qatar
  • Location: click here to view in map

Hope you have a great start to the day with each of our selections.

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